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With the upcoming release of Diablo 3, I like many others decided to hop back into the thrill of annihilating countless minions of the Burning Hells in Diablo 2, my choice in single player.  I really didn’t want to spend too much time on it, however, so I gave myself a boost.  Not enough to make me invulnerable and make the game boring, but enough that I could quickly get to Hell difficulty on each character.  So I got Hero Editor and d2me (maphack).  I gave myself all waypoints.  Then was born Diablo’s Corruption.

An amulet like this would give me enough to quickly move around and rush through the game, but I would still be lacking enough other equipment to prevent me from dying.  Wearing only this you could get pretty far, but eventually the monsters starting hitting hard enough to kill you in one or two hits.  It wasn’t difficult to die, but the real point was to get some awesome drops.  This amulet was designed for a barbarian, however, and when I started a sorceress it was missing a little something.  Level 25 Fanaticism isn’t very helpful for her, so I made another amulet.

That’s more like it!

But as I got a character of each class to Hell I grew bored.  All that was left was a paladin, but I wanted a little more challenge.  I created Azmodan’s Blood.

This would give me drops, allow me to move around quickly, and gain experience very quickly without giving any kind of combat boost (aside from run/walk speed).  I still had so many twink items I had planned on handing off to this paladin, however, that I was just crushing everything.  By level 20 I didn’t like where I was heading and I started over again.

Finally, I decided to go extreme.

No amulets, no charms.  No maphack.  No giving myself waypoints.  In a word: legit.  But that’s not enough.  Solo Scavenger Ironman extreme.

The rules:

  1. Hardcore.
  2. Get every waypoint, in order.
  3. Complete every quest, in order.
  4. Kill every monster I see.
  5. No using vendors, not even for repairs.  This includes no using Cain for identifies.
  6. Only go through once, i.e. no repeating an area for experience or items.  Every session must end at a waypoint to minimize reclearing areas.
  7. No going backwards in acts/difficulties for any reason (have to use all quest rewards like imbue/socket before leaving the act).
  8. Followers can be revived and new ones bought, but all gold must be picked up off the ground.  This is the only thing gold can be used for.
  9. /players 3

He is the last Diablo 2 character I will create, and he will be more extreme than that hardcore throwing axe barbarian I lost in Hell to exploding pygmies in 2001.  This is the story of Keiser, the Last Templar.


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