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Act 1, Chapter 3

/players 3

Well that 3 socket spear with chipped skulls was a terrible idea and lasted all of five minutes.  Not like I spent any money on the skulls or the spear…

Another blunder was the not allowing tomes to be purchased thing.  I finished 100% exploring and clearing both the jail and cathedral levels and after opening at least 10 bookshelves I ended up 10 more scrolls than I had before.  Going to be a long road to nightmare.

Finally made my way down to Andariel and prepped the area.  Cleared out both of the starting rooms and then poked my head in her chamber.  No champion pack, but a couple fallen shaman.  Killed them long range with the bow and strategized.  Of course I decide on the bow over the saber/shield combo I had at the time based on Andariel’s propensity to melt your face with poison gas at close range.  I figure I can either kite her around the blood pool in the second room or get her stuck in the doorway to the stairway room.  I decide to try the latter first.

Well after my archer buddy goes down.

So after Eliza bites the dust, I run back into the starting room to try and pull a Butcher on Andariel.  Surely being three times too big to fit through the door…

So I go back to running around the blood fountain shooting her an arrow at a time.  Eventually I notice when she accidentally hits me she doesn’t really hit too hard, so I just switch to my sword and smash her face in in about 7 seconds from half health and only used a health potion or two.

Success!  Act 1 completed.  Among the loot is a rare crystal sword with 5% life leech, some +lightning, +1 max damage, 25% enhanced damage, and +40 AR, not too shabby and I’m sticking with that for now.  I’m only level 19 so my blessed hammer and vigor (synergy) are each at level 2, not quite strong enough to rely on yet.  With a skill shrine it was quite helpful clearing out Radamant’s skeleton crew.

Also Emilio, my new Act 2 defensive merc with the ethereal trident and the rare 2 socket breastplate (helloooo two flawed rubies +34 health!) is kicking ass.


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