Act 1, Chapter 3

/players 3

Well that 3 socket spear with chipped skulls was a terrible idea and lasted all of five minutes.  Not like I spent any money on the skulls or the spear…

Another blunder was the not allowing tomes to be purchased thing.  I finished 100% exploring and clearing both the jail and cathedral levels and after opening at least 10 bookshelves I ended up 10 more scrolls than I had before.  Going to be a long road to nightmare.

Finally made my way down to Andariel and prepped the area.  Cleared out both of the starting rooms and then poked my head in her chamber.  No champion pack, but a couple fallen shaman.  Killed them long range with the bow and strategized.  Of course I decide on the bow over the saber/shield combo I had at the time based on Andariel’s propensity to melt your face with poison gas at close range.  I figure I can either kite her around the blood pool in the second room or get her stuck in the doorway to the stairway room.  I decide to try the latter first.

Well after my archer buddy goes down.

So after Eliza bites the dust, I run back into the starting room to try and pull a Butcher on Andariel.  Surely being three times too big to fit through the door…

So I go back to running around the blood fountain shooting her an arrow at a time.  Eventually I notice when she accidentally hits me she doesn’t really hit too hard, so I just switch to my sword and smash her face in in about 7 seconds from half health and only used a health potion or two.

Success!  Act 1 completed.  Among the loot is a rare crystal sword with 5% life leech, some +lightning, +1 max damage, 25% enhanced damage, and +40 AR, not too shabby and I’m sticking with that for now.  I’m only level 19 so my blessed hammer and vigor (synergy) are each at level 2, not quite strong enough to rely on yet.  With a skill shrine it was quite helpful clearing out Radamant’s skeleton crew.

Also Emilio, my new Act 2 defensive merc with the ethereal trident and the rare 2 socket breastplate (helloooo two flawed rubies +34 health!) is kicking ass.


Act 1, Chapter 2

/players 3

A short session today before work but I did manage to get a couple of quests done.  From the Dark Wood waypoint just happened to be right near a road, about 20 steps from the Black Marsh.  Following the road I could spot the waypoint, and then the Tamoe Highlands about 20 more steps away.  Not much easier than that!

I skirted the edge of the zone to find the tower and worked my way down to the dark depths of the Countess’s lair.  She gave me my scariest moment since Rakanishu.  I peeked into her room only to be swarmed by her and her minions while also being hit by arrows.  The combination nearly killed me until I retreated from the room and picked off monsters as they came out one by one.  The Countess herself was no match, though I did have to use up most of my health potions.  She dropped a nice ethereal trident I’ll save for an Act 2 merc with 5% amplify damage and some extra +max/+lightning damage.  Her chest also dropped the first amulet I’ve seen, 1 less damage taken.  Not a terrible amulet as it could have been +1 to energy I suppose.

As I worked my way through the Tamoe Highlands I found a Superior Spear with 2 sockets!  While I want to keep using a shield, the possibilities were just too rich!  I went back to my stocked up gems in my stash and plugged a topaz and a sapphire in there for some nice damage and the cold debuff.  Just past this area while in the Outer Cloister I took the second casualty of the no-repair clause.  My Boots of Balance went red!  Not broken yet, but 2 durability to go.

While on my way to the Smith I found my first book shelf.  The no-vendor clause means I can’t buy tomes of town portal or identify, so I only have the jail and catacombs levels to find book shelves and get them, otherwise I have to wait until the next difficulty… talk about a nightmare!

I got to the Smith’s room.  The Horadric Malus in front of me, I wondered where he was.  I honestly expected to hear “AHHHH FRESH MEAT!!!” at any second and have some demon come running at me.

As soon as he came at me I pulled a Griswold on him and ran around in circles shooting him with a bow.

On my way to the last waypoint of the day I found a 3 socket spear… decided to try something different, 3 chipped skulls.  6% life steal and 3% mana, we’ll see how well that works next time!


Act 1, Chapter 1

/players 3

As I made my way to the Den of Evil, I pondered what skills I would use.  Considering I am not allowed repairs, it seems foolhardy to use Zeal.  More attacks means more durability lost.  Vengeance doesn’t kill groups of enemies fast enough.  I don’t want to use Blessed Hammer, but it may be the only option.  Finally I settle on a combination of Blessed Hammer and Redemption aura to keep me going.  I’ll get Might aura first, then at level 6 get 1 point of Holy Fire to help me out early.  In Hell I’ll up Holy Fire more in case I run into a Magic Immune/Physical Immune monster that Blessed Hammer or a sword can’t kill.

Main Skills:

  • Blessed Hammer to kill everything
  • Redemption Aura for health/mana
  • Holy Shield to stay alive
  • Holy Fire for Magic/Phys immunes
  • And lastly Vigor for Hammer synergy

By this time I’ve made it down into the Den and I’m smashing my way through helpless Fallen.  Yeti, shaman, and zombies all fall before my starter short sword & buckler of righteous fury!  Eventually I find myself before Corpsefire, wicked zombie lord denizen of the Den of Evil.  After felling the dark monster, wouldn’t you know it that the one time I decide on a legit run I find the best drop I’ve ever gotten off of Corpsefire?

With one monster left in the Den, the durability is only 14/24 on my shiny new sword.  I can’t imagine it will last long, but at least it’ll help me with the possessed Sister.

Sure enough, Blood Raven was felled easily with the power of Rixot’s Keen.  Time to make my way to the Stony Field and Dark Wood.  That yeti pack was surprisingly easy.  It helps I found a Hunter’s Bow of Maiming (+4 max damage) for Aliza my archer girlfriend to use.

Rakanishu!  That lightning actually almost killed me.  Also, my sword broke.  😦  Now I’m using a magic scimitar with +2 max damage and a hunter’s bow with +1 max damage.  The bowadin is working rather well with holy fire’s extra damage.  Took out some champion bone archers in Tristram easily, then me and Aliza kited Griswold around the fountain.  He only got close enough to hit Aliza and put up the amp damage curse once.  With Cain saved, I figured this was a good time to stop for the day.


With the upcoming release of Diablo 3, I like many others decided to hop back into the thrill of annihilating countless minions of the Burning Hells in Diablo 2, my choice in single player.  I really didn’t want to spend too much time on it, however, so I gave myself a boost.  Not enough to make me invulnerable and make the game boring, but enough that I could quickly get to Hell difficulty on each character.  So I got Hero Editor and d2me (maphack).  I gave myself all waypoints.  Then was born Diablo’s Corruption.

An amulet like this would give me enough to quickly move around and rush through the game, but I would still be lacking enough other equipment to prevent me from dying.  Wearing only this you could get pretty far, but eventually the monsters starting hitting hard enough to kill you in one or two hits.  It wasn’t difficult to die, but the real point was to get some awesome drops.  This amulet was designed for a barbarian, however, and when I started a sorceress it was missing a little something.  Level 25 Fanaticism isn’t very helpful for her, so I made another amulet.

That’s more like it!

But as I got a character of each class to Hell I grew bored.  All that was left was a paladin, but I wanted a little more challenge.  I created Azmodan’s Blood.

This would give me drops, allow me to move around quickly, and gain experience very quickly without giving any kind of combat boost (aside from run/walk speed).  I still had so many twink items I had planned on handing off to this paladin, however, that I was just crushing everything.  By level 20 I didn’t like where I was heading and I started over again.

Finally, I decided to go extreme.

No amulets, no charms.  No maphack.  No giving myself waypoints.  In a word: legit.  But that’s not enough.  Solo Scavenger Ironman extreme.

The rules:

  1. Hardcore.
  2. Get every waypoint, in order.
  3. Complete every quest, in order.
  4. Kill every monster I see.
  5. No using vendors, not even for repairs.  This includes no using Cain for identifies.
  6. Only go through once, i.e. no repeating an area for experience or items.  Every session must end at a waypoint to minimize reclearing areas.
  7. No going backwards in acts/difficulties for any reason (have to use all quest rewards like imbue/socket before leaving the act).
  8. Followers can be revived and new ones bought, but all gold must be picked up off the ground.  This is the only thing gold can be used for.
  9. /players 3

He is the last Diablo 2 character I will create, and he will be more extreme than that hardcore throwing axe barbarian I lost in Hell to exploding pygmies in 2001.  This is the story of Keiser, the Last Templar.